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Modern European style cuisine,

With all our beloved notes of Scandinavian taste and the freshest discoveries in the world. This is taken care of by our excellent team together with a chef who has experience working with the chefs of a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Everything is homemade, from products lovingly nurtured and grown by local farmers. Natural, ecological, delicious and excellent cuisine that supports the work of farmers around Liepaja.

We will spoil your taste buds at a friendly and fair price, while making sure that both the farmer and the cook receive their share, which is justly deserved.

Bring the charm into your everyday life – treat yourself at the OXO BRASSERIE restaurant.


AVOCADO €7 - €8.5

on toasted bread with asparagus and fried free range egg + extras


With berries and vanilla ice cream or with bacon and maple syrup


Plant or cow 's milk with seasonal fruit (berries) and peanut butter

OMELETTE €8 - €9

Ham and Cheese or mushroom


Caesar salad
Caesar salad €8

lettuce · chicken · anchovies · croutons · parmesan · caesar dressing

beef tartare
beef tartare €7

horseradish · potato chips · egg yolk

pork cheeks
pork cheeks €11

mashed potato with parmesan cheese · cauliflower · apple

ОХО burger
ОХО burger €12

brioche · chipotle mayo · fried onions · served with fries and aioli

beef schnitzel
beef schnitzel €12

pea purée · caramelized onion · mushrooms · served with fried potatoes

blue mussels
blue mussels €13

pastis · saffron · chilli · fennel · served with fries and aioli

sticky toffee pudding
sticky toffee pudding €6

vanilla ice cream · toffee sauce

white chocolate mousse
white chocolate mousse €5

italian meringue

Pumpkin soup
Pumpkin soup €5

roasted pumpkin seeds · herb oil

Nicoise salad with lightly smoked salmon
Nicoise salad with lightly smoked salmon €9

potatoes · green beans · salad · olives · eggs · red onions · honey mustard dressing

grilled chicken breast
grilled chicken breast €12

chorizo · beans · tomato

crispy chicken burger
crispy chicken burger €11

brioche · brie cheese · lightly marinated cranberries · truffle mayo · served with fries and aioli

fish of the week
fish of the week €16

ask your waiter

salt baked celeriac (V)
salt baked celeriac (V) €9

Jerusalem artichoke purée · pickled pear · artichoke chips · black olive crumble

apple crumble
apple crumble €5

vanilla cream · cinnamon


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