Liepaja fortifications

Liepaja fortifications

A system of fortifications built during the Tsar’s time

Closed military territory until 1994

The fortress was built at the end of the 19th century, at the beginning of the 20th century, to protect the Liepāja naval base in case of a possible enemy attack. The fortification system encircles the entire city. Some of Liepāja’s fortifications are available for viewing by visitors, such as Redāns and Northern forts. They are located in Karosta, in the northern part of Liepāja. The northern forts are partially washed into the sea and viewing them can be dangerous. To get to know the fortress, we recommend visiting Redān. If you want to walk through the forts with a guide and learn more about the Liepāja fortress, its construction and history, we offer a guided walk around Redān and to see the tunnels of the fort by torchlight. The duration of the tour is about 1 hour.

The excursion must be booked in advance by phone. +371 26369470

30 EUR from the group in Latvian
35 from the group in foreign languages ​​(ENG, RUS, DE, LT)


We offer excursions and guide services in Karosta and Liepāja. Bicycle tours are also possible.
Advance application by tel. +371 26369470.


St. Nicholas Sea Cathedral is one of the symbols of Karosta. It was built in 1903 as an Orthodox church, but during the years of Soviet occupation, it housed the Sailors’ Club for a long time. Since the departure of the Red Army, there is again an Orthodox cathedral here.

The northern pier protects the waters of the Liepāja harbor from the North-West winds and is a popular place for walking and fishing. The length of the northern pier is 1800 meters.

Redans is a part of Liepāja fortress. The Liepaja fortress (forts) was built in the 19th and 20th centuries. alternating with the goal of ensuring the protection of Karosta and the whole of Liepāja in case of an attack.

The stable was once adorned with wide windows and a glass tile roof. It is used mainly for soldiers’ exercise classes and ceremonial meetings.

The water tower towers over Karosta at a height of 37 meters. It was built in the 20th century. in the beginning to provide Karosta with fresh water.

O. Kalpak’s swing bridge connects Karosta with the rest of Liepāja. The construction of the metal structure bridge was completed in 1906, and since then the bridge has undergone several reconstructions. Today, as in the past, the bridge is cut open for ship traffic at certain times each day.