Blue flag beach

Blue flag beach

The three-kilometer-long Jūrmala Park, which is one of the largest dendrological parks in Latvia, and the wide Blue Flag beach are the pride of Liepāja.

Sightseeing in the park:

170 Latvian and foreign tree species;
Swan ponds.

Relax with family or friends:

walk, run, breathe the fresh air of the sea;
frolic with the little ones in the children’s playground;
discover or hone your talent in one of Latvia’s most modern skateparks;
play mini golf or tennis;
jumps on a trampoline or rides a go-kart in the summer season;
sunbathe, swim and search for amber by the sea;
have a meal at the beach or park cafes.

Greenery of the park

The park was created according to the principle of landscape gardens, using certain elements of regular gardens – alleys, clipped hedges, geometric flower beds, small architectural forms and fountains, thus the fusion of natural areas with buildings was achieved. Non-native trees, shrubs and perennials were widely used. In the last dendrological inventory of Jūrmala Park in 1994, 173 tree species were listed, of which 140 tree species were introduced.

Creation of a park

The park was created following the initiative of the city’s mayor, Gottlieb Ulich, on the rampart, which protected the city from traveling sand by planting Dutch linden trees. The park project was developed in 1899 by G. Koufalts. When arranging the greenery, a lot of attention was paid to creating an overall view of the park and choosing the dendrological composition. 58 large black pines (Pinus nigra) were planted in the park, which is still the largest group of black pine plantations in the Baltics after the storm damage.

The last extensive works of reconstruction of park plantings were carried out in the 1930s of the 20th century according to the project of the gardener A. Leimanis.

Liepāja’s Blue Flag beach

The first beach in Latvia adapted for people with visual and mobility impairments – there is a swimming area equipped with audio buoys for the visually impaired and an appropriate sanitary module for the visually and mobility impaired.

The beach strip is about 50-80 meters wide in calm weather, the length of the city beach is about 8 kilometers. Since 2001, during the summer season, the Blue Flag has been raised on the Liepāja beach. It certifies that the beach meets 33 criteria relating to water quality, coastal quality, safety, services, environmental education activities and access to information.