MORE Hotel is a family business, the interior and environment of which are designed to make each of our guests feel special and welcome.

calM – a place where a traveller can rest from the daily hustle and bustle.
Oasis – an environment in which everyone can recover and regain strength.
caRe– an attitude that makes everyone feel special and welcome.
Esthetics – an interior where the hospitality of the hosts’ heart can be found and enjoyed.

MORE Hotel was initially known as  “Poriņš” guest house. The house was built back in 1899 and at that time was named in honour of the owner of the building, Mr. K. Poriņš.

MORE Hotel is located in the heart of Old Liepaja, on a quiet street surrounded by historic buildings. It is only a few minutes on foot from the city centre and very close to the beautiful white sandy beach of Liepaja.

The rooms and hotel design are created to make everyone here feel comfortable, cozy and safe. The boutique design elements in the hotel style directly reflect the heart and personality of our family. We make sure that you can feel our love through the interior, the service and the restaurant and you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised every time you visit.

Our family has always enjoyed welcoming guests and making everyone feel pampered and special.

We sincerely hope that you will feel it when you arrive at MORE Hotel.


Who doesn’t enjoy travelling? I think it’s hard to find a person doesn’t like it. We like it very much too. This time we want to tell you a little bit about the journey of our lives.

It started quite a few decades ago in Liepaja. At first we went on our own, but we soon realized that a trip for two is much more interesting and exciting. As time went on, four more travellers joined us – our children.

One day, our trip together took us to explore places outside Latvia and it lasted for ten years. Then the day came when we quite clearly realized that we still wanted to continue our life journey back in Latvia. In the summer of 2021, we returned to Latvia and already in the autumn another travel companion joined our trip – MORE Hotel.

Admittedly, we weren’t looking for a hotel. In fact, we were looking for a small place to relax by the sea. MORE Hotel found us and we fell in love with it.

Before we got to know MORE Hotel, the journey of our lives was already quite full and interesting, but we are sure that it will be even more exciting and full of beautiful surprises in the future.

We look forward to your trip bringing you to More Hotel so that you too become part of our shared and beautiful journey of life.

With love – Agrita and Janis